is a course platform with AI chatbot integration trained on each lesson transcript.Boost learning interactivity for your customers, allowing them to:
- quickly retrieve specific information
- use AI to guide bespoke note-taking
- enhance understanding of your lessons with an AI chatbot (trained on your content)
I'm learning to build this as I go and documenting everything on twitter @redimametiWhy
I'm scratching my own itch. I want this product to exist so I can use it.
Curriculum based learning is outdated
It's an efficient alternative to 1:1 mentorship (which is the purest way to learn) but with the rise of AI language models, I see a new gap that hasn't been addressed.
Many enroll in courses but leave them unfinished.
If you're an online educator, you can likely attest to your course completion rates not being ideal.
AI integration ensures your customers grasp lessons effectively.
- avoid needing to re-watch a whole video just to recall a specific piece of information (time is valuable!)
- sift through knowledge you already are familiar with (not everyone has the same starting point when learning a skill or topic)
- not all attention spans are created equally - conversational learning adds a new dimension that I believe could at the very least make learning more exciting.
1. I'm building a Chrome extension that will add the same interactivity piece to Youtube videos first. Again, I'm scratching my own itch by building this, as I frequently use Chat GPT Plus to chat with Youtube videos, and I'd love an in-page version.
2. Once the Lrrrn beta is ready, it will be open. Early adopters will receive TBD lifetime exclusive benefits for Go live!4. Add community features and other enhancements so that it's an all-in-one tool for online educators.Here are some that I would love to eventually implement:
- Host community calls and Q&As which with same AI integration.
- Built in AI Clone of yourself (trained on all of your content) as a stand in 24/7 assistant for enrolled students
- AI search to find the most relevant lessons and community posts.

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